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Cerin is a small village in the district of Marchamp. The area is rural, so you may encounter aspects of farmlive, for example a farmer tending is cows.

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'Goute la vie'is on a walking track which leads you along the everflowing  Brive and its majestic waterfall.


Hiking in the natural surroundings is one of the highlights  of the region. You will be delight in the freedom of leaving your car behind. the nearby lakes are suitable for swimming and fishing.

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'Goute la vie' is situated 600 m above sea-level. The summers here are pleasant, while the proximity to the snowfields  means during the winter you can head to the slopes and ski.

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In many places you will catch a glimpsel of the magnificant Mont Blanc rising above the Alps in the diastance.



Cerin pays hommage to a pre-historic past with its own museum. fossils , dating back 14 million years, of small reptiles and fish have been excavated and are on show.                                The nearby lake of Cerin is a silent witness to this incredible natural history.


Every summer , the famous 'Fête du four' is celebrated.

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In ancient village ovens, various pies and pizzas are baked on site in dining establishments accompanied by delicious local wine from the cellars in Lhuis, Montagnieu and Vognes.

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The village of Innimond is nearby, known for its 11th century church and ancient altar.


'The House of Izieu'recalls solemn memories of the deportation of Jewish children.

Places such as Lhuis, morestel, Gremieu and Perouges are reminiscent of the region's medieval past.

You may be interested to explore the caves of la Balme,


visit the lakes Aiguebelette, Bourget and Annecy as well as the park the Chartreuse.

Should you feel the need to return to urban life, the cities of Lyon, Annecy, Chambery and Grenoble are reachable worth a visit.